Telem’s history began in 1947 in Rio de Janeiro, when it was founded by a French group – ITE Iluminação Técnica, with the objective to produce lighting material. A few years later, the company began to manufacture air conditioning systems, changing its corporate name to ITEC – Iluminação Técnica e Climatização.


In 1953, the company decided to change its headquarters to the city of Lorena, countryside of São Paulo, where it built its first factory with 4,000 m² in area.


Four years later, a French group indicated by the Lyonnais Credit Bank took over ITEC’s control, which was then denominated Telem – Técnicas Eletromecânicas.


One year later, Jacques Breyton, with the intermediation of Banco Francês e Brasileiro, acquired the company and transferred the factory to the state capital – the main center of acquisition of raw material and production flow – starting the operations of Telem in São Paulo.


As of 1959, Telem began to produce projectors for large public and industrial spaces and manual and magnetic switches in its own headquarters, in the neighborhood of Ipiranga, where it is located to this date.


In the 70’s, the company began to produce 100A and 200A switches for Mercedes Benz and Volvo to equip trucks manufactured in Brazil, as well as locomotive headlights for General Electric and headlights for the wings of Embraer’s aircrafts.


In the 80’s, in view of the difficulties in the importing segment faced by TV broadcasters, the cinematographic industry and theater companies, Telem began to produce a series of equipment for these segments, turning the scenographic lighting into the company’s main products.


Telem expanded its working areas and in the following decade it began to represent international brands, starting the expansion of its brand beyond the national market, implementing the production of its product line at the same time.


Also, the company started to offer services in the field of civil works. Then, the company began to undertake the complete restoration and execution of renovations of theaters, conference rooms and TV studios, among other ventures, not only providing equipment, but also executing projects that include lighting, scenographic techniques and sound systems, becoming the leader in the segment.


In 2008, meeting the expectations of the market for complete and integrated solutions, Telem joined Feeling Structures and started to offer the best and the most complete line of national and imported equipment and services, meeting the most sophisticated demands of the market.